About LA Mart

LA Mart is a small family run international supermarket chain serving the DMV (District - Maryland - Virginia). Established in 2004 with a total of five stores, three in Maryland and two in Virginia, we aim to provide a shopping experience unlike any other store. Our first store was founded in 2004 in Silver Spring, Maryland with the second following in 2007 in Baltimore, Maryland. Our first store in Virginia was located in Springfield in 2011. After seven years we opened our fourth store in 2018 in Columbia, Maryland with our Alexandria, Virginia store opening shortly after in 2018.

We have weekly deals printed in a various newspapers. These deals are printed in English, Korean, Vietnamese, and Hindi. Though these weekly deals are uniform throughout all five locations, each individual stores have their own unique sales so come inside and see what we have to offer. LA Mart features thousands of international products from. Being an international supermarket, we have products from all over the world. We provide hundreds of various produce yearly, typically having around three hundred types of produce at any time. Being an international supermarket, we can provide various exotic produce that you may not have ever seen or heard of before. Not only do we provide our customers with fresh produce, but we also provide produce and products to hundreds of local restaurants in the DMV.

Our goal is to provide you with the best produce and products at the best prices we can purvey. As a local family run business within the DMV our success is only a reflection of the support that you, our customers have shaped. Nothing is more important to us than providing you with the best experience we can provide. Thank you for visiting us online, and we hope to see you in person soon!